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I fell in love with words and the impact they made on people through music and literature at a very young age. The same effect words had on me, I wanted to have on others. Being able to reach others without touching them is powerful, and it adds an amazing aspect to what most people consider “the human element”. Everyone has their creative vein(s), and mine is writing. It’s the strongest voice I have, and up until very recently, I kept that voice quiet.

Being a pop culture commentator requires two things: a love for pop culture itself, and an opinion on every aspect of it. It also requires consistency, and being able to have your finger on the pulse of current events. Luckily, I took a generous opportunity to showcase my capabilities so that I can create change the best way I know how. Here, I want people to analyze music, film, television and all other volumes of entertainment critically. My mission is to fuse creativity and pop culture commentary. So welcome, and thank you. My name is Alfonso, but you can call me Fonz.

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