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BREAKING: Homosexual Hate Group Poised to Attack

Rumors of a recent meeting organized by QUEEN, a coalition of homosexual extremists, began swirling this morning after an alleged meeting agenda surfaced online. The document, dated Friday, January 12th, appears to outline strategies to infiltrate various sectors in an attempt to contaminate some individuals with venomous homosexuality.

PHOTO: The Gay Agenda

The target remains to be, of course, heterosexual men.

While every talking point on the gay agenda are all a cause for concern, the public has been especially alarmed about “The Antidote” under item C. Toxicology experts theorize that this is a newly-engineered poison created by highly-skilled biochemists to turn men gay. The gay gene, a preceding topic of discussion, has been a long time indicator of homosexuality in early adolescence in males.

In the 1970s, two investigative journalists uncovered documents detailing the now-confirmed existence of “coercion camps”. Men between the ages of 18 and 35 have been deluded under false pretenses to attend, all having been told that extended invitations were only for elite members of society and to keep all details confidential. All men were automatically enrolled in college-level courses, much like the ones listed under agenda item E.

One week after breaking the news, the investigative journalists who shared the story were never seen again.

While most of QUEEN’s existence operates underground in a top secret location (code name: The Ki Ki Lounge)*, there is speculation that they’re on the brink of a more prominent uprising. The bulk of

*PHOTO: alleged QUEEN headquarters

QUEEN’s transactions were performed digitally, with cryptocurrency. These were mainly to purchase extremely gay and dangerous weapons, such as sewing machines and glue guns. Art supply stores like Michael’s and BLICK are under heavy surveillance for male patrons making purchases for “gay activities”. According to the gay agenda, there has been discussion to cease all use of the cryptocurrency, bitcoin.

There is yet to be any detail on the targeting of specific age groups, but officials are calling a state of emergency as all straight men face imminent danger. In several major cities across the east coast, a 7PM curfew has been issued for all heterosexual males. Individuals who do not abide by this new rule, implemented to provide safety, will have to deal directly with law enforcement.

Both the LAPD and NYPD issued a joint statement expressing the need for public cooperation. “Gay men are highly-trained, highly-skilled assailants who relentlessly carry out their mission to deprive normal men of their roles and identities. The police are urged to remain vigilant for signs of these criminals, so in turn, we urge you remain in doors after sundown.”

A list of gay indicators have also been compiled and distributed to media outlets globally. Here are the signs of homosexuality that must not only be condemned, but also avoided as they are strictly prohibited by law:

  1. Chelsea boots
  2. Glasses of mimosa
  3. More than one man sitting at a brunch table
  4. Fans of Beyoncé
  5. Fans of Lady Gaga
  6. Excessive use of the eggplant emoji
  7.  The word “yas”

It is expected that as experts continue to study this irreversible disorder, the list will grow.

QUEEN has been linked to many of the recent sporadic attacks reported worldwide, ordained ministers, school teachers, and firemen. It is also highly speculated that in 2015 members of The Supreme Court, and other members of the US government, including former president Barack Obama, were forced to constitutionally accord same-sex couples the same recognition as opposite-sex couples when married.

Brave opposers of the homosexual movement have spoken out in efforts to protect the sanctity of manhood, taking not only to the streets to pour their cries of fragility into the ears of the general public, but to their social media accounts as well. Rapper (?) Nipsey Hussle took to his Instagram to speak out courageously against exactly what the gays promote:

Opposition groups across the world are assembling in the form of street sweepers and neighborhood watchers, aiding in the vigilant mission of keeping the community safe. One of these people dedicated to the opposition is 31-year old Henry Tompkins, a bank teller from Hudson, NY.

“We refuse to sit through the Broadway play, Kinky Boots,” says Henry. “Real men don’t watch Broadway plays, and we especially don’t watch plays starring the extremely talented Panic! At The Disco frontman, Brendon Urie. These gays must be stopped!”

Though there is no confirmation as to when the villainous army of flaming homos will strike, it is clear that something inconspicuous will happen during this year’s 60th Annual Grammy Awards Ceremony as well as the 2018 Super Bowl. As tensions rise, all we are in the position to do is wait.

More to come on this developing story.