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Culture Kings: Dipset’s Impact

Hip-hop has been at the crux of innovation and inspiration for–I’ll just put it out there–life. Since its birth in the 1970s out of rugged South Bronx, the genre’s game changers have been planting their seeds in the soil of American society bar by bar. Hip-hop has sparked a noticeable…

GodIsMikey: Vibrant and Vulgar

Rap is a genre of music where boundary-pushing is revered if it falls within the confines of heteronormativity. The paradox of rap music is despite its ability to transcend racial or gender contexts, we still have yet to fully accept emcees of the LGBTQ community–the ones who have bars unheard…

XD in HD

Black creatives matter. The overwhelming growth of black faces in digital creative spaces, especially, aide in the conversation that can be summed up in a simple three-word statement: representation is everything. Being a member of the black queer community, I look to what’s hot, what’s on the rise, and what…

Artistry 101: Davi Akei

It’s the year 2017, and platforms like YouTube, Soundcloud and Spotify, to name a few, have been introducing us to a slew of artists who have begun their careers without the help of large industry backings or sometimes even a substantial following starting out, but manage to circumvent such large…

Conscious Rap on Vagabond Road

Storytelling is one of the best ways to share with others. It’s how some of the most renown artists and musicians have passed on to audiences impactful tales of their experience. It’s an effective way to build a connection. Storytelling is an art, and it is so personal that to appreciate…

Black Girls and The Cosmos: A Love Story

Reading the cosmos is all but easy. Being both highly intuitive and holding a firm belief in the influence of celestial bodies on human life is a captivating skill. But there’s even more to understand behind this complex phenomenon that some like myself are curious about. I grew up in a family…

Black (Music) Friday

  FEBRUARY 3, 2017 — It’s Black History Month, and three highly-anticipated albums by black artists have been simultaneously released this Friday. Much to the expectations of consumers, these projects are all dropped to positive reception. Big Sean, The Internet‘s lead singer Syd, and new artist Sampha all brought to…