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The 2018 GRAMMYs: Platforms To Pay Attention To

As soon as award season rolls around, we typically look for a few specific things: red carpet looks, performances, nominations/wins, and whether or not Beyoncé will attend. The 60th Annual GRAMMYs were no different. Everyone stood by, devices in hand with screens opened to our social feeds (side note: live-tweeting…

GodIsMikey: Vibrant and Vulgar

Rap is a genre of music where boundary-pushing is revered if it falls within the confines of heteronormativity. The paradox of rap music is despite its ability to transcend racial or gender contexts, we still have yet to fully accept emcees of the LGBTQ community–the ones who have bars unheard…

Trip: The Sonic Psychedelic

“I hope to inspire others to share their grief and pain, because I believe suffering can be alleviated when we understand we are not going through any of it alone.” — Jhene Aiko If the music doesn’t move you beyond tangible boundaries, if it doesn’t captivate and catapult you past…

San Junipero: Love and the Boundless Boundaries of Time

On September 17, the dystopian sci-fi Netflix series Black Mirror gained the coveted Emmy Award for “Outstanding Television Movie”. This is thanks to what is in the top 5 range of best TV episodes ever, along with The Red Wedding on Game of Thrones. Episode three of season four, titled San…

American Horror Story and the Politics of Fright

Swinging into a new season of FX’s chiller thriller, American Horror Story, the scripted series creatively mirrors today’s political climate. The reflection is a more insidious, torturous look at the aftermath of a red victory–ushering the United States of America into a taboo new era under the Trump Administration. However,…

Sense8 and the Intricacies of Human Flaw

Never before has a show packaged together so beautifully the wonderment of science-fiction and the turbulence of drama until Sense8. The Netflix original series tells the story of eight distant strangers, all from different walks of life in far parts of the world, who undergo a life-changing rebirth and discover…