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Culture Kings: Dipset’s Impact

Hip-hop has been at the crux of innovation and inspiration for–I’ll just put it out there–life. Since its birth in the 1970s out of rugged South Bronx, the genre’s game changers have been planting their seeds in the soil of American society bar by bar. Hip-hop has sparked a noticeable…

Quick 6: Sitting Pretty With Steph Ramirez

Stephanie Ramirez is a young, Afro-Latina professional with an eye for sleek, minimal aesthetics and a mind full of thoughts for dream chasers much like herself. Since 2013, she’s made her stamp on the digital world with the introduction of, the one stop shop for fashion, beauty and lifestyle…

Tradición y Cultura with Karen Gallo

“To be a [great] designer is to stay true to yourself. Never give up. It’s not an easy industry but if you love it, it’s so worth it. Create from the soul.”  QUEENS, NY — Horns blare throughout the main streets while residential areas preserve most of its silence. Communities…