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From the Caribs to the Concrete Jungle: Get To Know Supa Dupa Humble

He’s a DJ-turned-rapper, but music overall is the blood that courses through his veins. 26 year-old Supa Dupa Humble (the Supa Dupa part was his original name as a DJ; the Humble part came later) is the St. Lucia-born, New York City-bred rapper whose music is causing a lot of buzz that among curious listeners.

At least that’s what his Spotify stats indicate. For an artist making his way into the mainstream lane, Supa Dupa Humble is doing pretty well for himself. Over half a million fans across 61 countries have vibed to a track from Supa Dupa. To him, this indicates a great year, but also the very beginning. The fire is now beginning to burn.

The name Supa Dupa Humble, as explained by the bearer himself, is a contradiction that sort of just works.

“I picked ‘Supa Dupa’ because I wanted an accurate description of my performance, whether it be how I played music or how I controlled the crowd through interaction. I eventually added ‘Humble’ onto my social media handles; though it’s an oxymoron, it also describes my character outside of music.”

Supa Dupa Humble’s track Steppin’ has now been streamed over 1 million times on Spotify. The corresponding visual to the song has well over 400,000 YouTube hits and is posted to a channel of over 30K subscribers. His Instagram account is nearing the 20,000 follower mark. The man is working hard at building his brand.


With so much accomplishments to be listed as a fairly new artist on the hip-hop circuit, one wonders how someone like Supa Dupa Humble manages his time. “Now that my music is gaining traction, I have way less free time,” he responds gratefully. “I spend several hours a day responding to fans and I enjoy every second of it.”

Most of his fanbase has been gained through approximately a decade of DJing, and newcomers are proving their loyalty just as much as the vets. One of his more recent posts on his IG feed is a compilation of fan videos for his song ‘Big Daddy’.



Humble cites Tony Matterhorn, Fire Links and DJ Amazin as inspiration for his early choice to become a DJ. In terms of creating his own music, his list of muses is fairly diverse, ranging from Bob Marley to Project Pat, Buju Banton to Juvenile, and Barrington Levy to Travis Scott. If you know any bit of his upbringing, you’d know why this makes perfect sense.

“My mom moved to New York when I was really young…she wanted to be financially stable before moving me to the states. While we were apart, we communicated regularly and she always sent me gifts. The most memorable gift I received from her was a walkman coupled with Busta Rhymes’ ‘When Disaster Strikes’. Being surrounded by mostly Reggae and Calypso music, this gift exposed me to a whole new world and I wanted more.”

Humble also calls his creative process with partner/manager Daz Léone “simple”, and honestly makes it sound just as enjoyable as the finished tracks and videos. The only requirements are having a clear mind and an openness to wherever the vibe is going to take you. From there, the ideas begin to flow and mere thoughts become fully developed concepts.

For Supa Dupa Humble, the foundation of his music is having fun. It’s melted into how he records catchy music, how he shoots playful videos, and one could argue how he lives his life on a regular basis. Consumers of today’s music can for sure appreciate what he has to offer, and because he has no plans on stopping, we’re looking forward to an exceptional 2018.

Listen to Supa Dupa Humble’s latest EP, Humble Gardens, on Spotify.