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Naughty, Pt. II

The following anecdote chronicles a night in the lives of individuals whose names were purposely substituted with pseudonyms to maintain privacy. All parties volunteered to share their story. Artwork by Khalid Rosemin.

Hassan and Elaine

I couldn’t speak a lick of Spanish to save my life. Both my parents are from New Orleans, so besides a few phrases in French, I wouldn’t really consider myself bilingual. I did lie on my resume, though. (Shrugs) I was a perfect fit for the job, I mean… I ended up getting it after all, right? I guess I didn’t really expect having to actually speak the language to any of our guests. 

Elaine was really skating on thin ice that day. (Laughs) I had just gotten promoted to Supervisor of Guest Services and she was competent, charismatic and able to multi-task. So I offered her the last open position at the front desk. We were short-staffed one day and this Nicaraguan couple came in needing a room for the night. It was beginning to pour. Long story short, the only one around to communicate with and handle reservations was Elaine. She almost blew it.

Hassan just takes the job super seriously. The couple was sweet, I could tell. The wife grew a bit impatient with me after three long minutes of us flailing hand gestures just to understand one another. I tried not calling on Hassan for help–he likes to lecture–but I had to. God forbid we get a fucking bad Yelp review. 

My ex of three years was Dominican, I studied abroad in Venezuela and I guess I just retain language easily. I helped out and, once again, saved the day. And boy, did Elaine have a lecture coming.

Told you.

I, as her boss, knew it was protocol to remind her of the importance of her duties. However I, as a normal guy, always found it extremely cute when she got overwhelmed and came to me for help. 

Hassan and I have an interesting…. relationship? Situation? Situationship? We fuck occasionally. He’s honestly one of the sexiest men I’ve laid my eyes on when his head isn’t up his ass. That’s why he only gets pussy OFF the clock. 

And it is amazing. We always seize the moment in the boiler room when we can. Least amount of foot traffic. I liked sex with Elaine because it was exciting. There’s a rush of adrenaline I get doing shit with the risk of getting caught. At that point I had two things on the line: my job…and my relationship. 

Yeah… the first time we had sex, I knew he was seeing someone. But he told me it wasn’t serious. Of course, that was a lie. When I finally realized they’d been picking out linens and shit together, I was already in too deep. The dick was just… so good. 

Sam is an amazing girl, but we don’t necessarily click in bed. I feel like I tire myself out trying to get her to let her hair down a little bit more. I will admit, we moved too fast and got a place together and shit. I do love her, I just… I like having sex with other women. Elaine’s adventurous. She talks dirty, she gets aggressive, she initiates. It’s always something to look forward to.

I can be a naughty girl. I had plenty of opportunities to really take Hassan away from his humdrum life with ol’ girl, but I’m only in it for the thrill. So is he, which is why this works. We’d be willing to do damn near anything with one another as long as it got us off. 

As far as how we wound up in bed with a married couple? Well….

Well, let’s just say I was the last one to know. I told you, Elaine talks dirty a lot during sex. That shit gets me going. So one day, I’m hitting it from the back, kissing her neck, one hand on her breasts. She’s telling me some shit that made me just want to put a ring on her finger. That’s the shit good pussy does to you, it manipulates. 

So I’m stroking it, she’s moaning and she asks me if I wanted to switch things up a little. I didn’t even say shit. Turned her around, picked her up and pressed her up against the wall. I apologized to her because the wall was kinda cold, but then I went right back to stroking it. 

What a dumbass. I didn’t mean switch positions. In between kisses I slipped in the idea of group sex and Hassan said verbatim…

“It’s whatever. I just don’t want no dick anywhere near me. I ain’t with that gay shit.”

No disrespect. It was bad enough I was cheating on my girl, but if she found out it was also with another man… she’d have my head and God knows what kind of embarrassment would follow. 

When Mia came to me, she seemed pretty desperate. I knew her from our retail days. She was in between her sophomore and junior year at school so this was her summer gig. I knew she had a boyfriend but that didn’t stop us from tasting each other when we’d hang out. I don’t know if her boyfriend knew, never asked. However, this boyfriend was now her husband, and I was being invited into their bed. Doesn’t seem like it’d be much of a problem, would it? (Scoffs) Men.

I told Mia about this affair with Hassan and she eagerly asked if I could bring him too. I’m just glad it was easy getting Hassan on board. Don’t know what Mia told her man, but that night it was confirmed to go down. She asked me to bring a blindfold, too. I thought to myself “this is about to be some freaky shit.”

I was off about 2 hours after Elaine. She was super excited about this. It was her first encounter with more than one person. I did a lot of crazy shit in college, some shit I won’t speak on but I’ve partaken in group sex before. This was nothing. 

We got to Mia’s and for some reason I felt a bit of hesitation. I told Hassan I needed a minute. I’m a freaky bitch, but first time shit still makes me feel like a virgin. 

She snapped out of it when I fingered her, though. Even took a few shots of 1800 just so we can be a little more into it. 

He licked his fingers clean and I adjusted my thong and dress so we can proceed with getting this party started. I haven’t seen Mia in a while, so when she opened the door butt ass naked, my jaw dropped to the floor. Her body was so dope!

Maaaannnnnnnn, she was fucking bad! This Mia chick opened the door and I instantly got hard. She invited us in and I was ready for shit to pop off right then and there, but she told us to give her a minute while she ran upstairs. We kinda just stood there until it was time to go in.

When we got to the room and I saw her riding Elliott as good as she was, I felt like I was in an actual porno scene. I was extremely wet. We took our clothes off in the doorway. She looked back and locked eyes with me, so I gave Hassan a wink and walked over. Elliott was blindfolded, moaning and all into it. Mia pulled me in and I started on his chest. Felt on her nipples as well. I alternated between his and hers, then I started sucking on Mia’s neck. She loved that shit. 

From where I stood, Mia looked amazing bouncing up and down like that. Elaine started on her neck and looked at me. I couldn’t help but notice dude’s balls. I found myself more concentrated on them as I got closer. My dick was so hard it started to hurt. I had a choice to make: put on a front like this shit didn’t phase me, or live in the moment. 

Impulsively, I buried my face in between his thighs and started using my tongue on him. Mia slowly got up and I found myself eating her pussy, while simultaneously sucking her juices off her husband’s dick.

I was caught up in the moment. The shots from earlier had me feeling a lot more lusty than I thought. I was into it. I wasn’t even thinking what Elaine would think or say. In my head, at this point, we were all there to please each other.

When I saw Hassan with an actual penis in his mouth, I just froze. I was so fucking shocked. I immediately got up and said “Damn, Hassan!” He shocked the fuck out of me! What happened to “no gay shit”? I figured this would be more of a two guys on two girls type of thing. You know, some Bang Bros, innocent schoolgirls shit? Nah, this was some sword-fighting, fatal 4-way, BDSM shit. 

But what was even more surprising was how Elliott jumped up, snatched the blindfold off, pushed Mia out of the way and asked “Hassan WHO?!” as if they might’ve known each other. And by the way they locked eyes–looking at one another like they’ve seen a ghost–I could tell they did.

I didn’t even know what the fuck to say. I felt like I was going to throw up. I just gave head to my girlfriend Sam’s brother. 

To be continued in part III