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Naughty, Pt. III

The following anecdote chronicles a night in the lives of individuals whose names were purposely substituted with pseudonyms to maintain privacy. All parties volunteered to share their story. Artwork by Khalid Rosemin.

Hassan and Elliott

Have you ever been so insanely sensitive to something horrifying that it triggers nausea and you immediately want to throw up? That was what I felt in the moment. My dick went soft in 0.3 seconds. I didn’t even know what to say or what to do. I was frozen.

How did I feel? How did I fucking feel? My little sister’s boyfriend sucked my dick! With my wife and his fucking side chick in the room! How the hell do you think I feel? I’m feeling sick just thinking about it…

Man, Lee looked like he wanted to kill me. Mia and Elaine kept asking what was going on and I was far too embarrassed to say anything. Lee was far too angry. 

Well first, I asked Mia how the fuck she knew Hassan. I mean, she wanted this freaky four-way shit to happen. How in the hell did she manage to link up with Sam’s boyfriend?

We explained that we only knew of one another through Elaine and had met for the first time that night. I barely knew Lee, to be quite honest. We’ve seen each other twice prior because of Sam. I knew he was married to a woman named Mia, that much he had told me during small talk. I didn’t connect the dots, though. Fuck. 

Mia started getting dressed. I knew she was telling the truth. We were way too transparent with one another to start lying now. Then I looked at Elaine and I asked him how he knew her. Son of a bitch got quiet–started looking at her and looking back at me. I asked him again, this time with a little less patience in my voice. 

I felt like… why lie, you know? I told him about Elaine and me, and how I had planned on breaking it off with Sam because I didn’t want to hurt her.

I asked him when the fuck he planned on doing that. When he was done running through his staff? 

Elaine started to chime in. Finger waving and neck rolling and shit. I kindly asked her to please get dressed and let us just talk. She gave a bunch of attitude and said she needed a cigarette anyway. 

I told him there was no way I’m keeping this shit from my sister. Shit, she was probably wondering where he was at that very moment. I looked at Mia and I told her very calmly, “no more of this secret freaky shit.” A man doesn’t wanna be blindfolded and sucked off by an extended relative. She said she was gonna go talk to Elaine and apologize.

So we were both there alone. He sat on the bed and I stood a few feet away. Neither of us had clothes on. Given his current mood, I could tell he wasn’t playing about telling Sam. I felt like it was my responsibility. So I took a gamble.

I asked “well… are you also gonna tell her about us?” 

Could you believe that? Us? This nigga. You suck me off and suddenly we’re linked. Imagine that. 

He didn’t say yes, but he didn’t say no either. So I took a step toward him.

“I mean… I know Sam’s your sister. You know I love her. Even though you and I didn’t exactly intend on being in this situation… together… here we are.”

He started getting way too comfortable. Way too close. I told him if he planned on leaving my house with his spine intact he’d step the fuck back. 

I can’t tell you if it was genuine attraction toward Lee or ambition to control the narrative, but I felt the need to keep talking. Words were just coming out. He kept making small threats until we both realized they were idle. Lee wasn’t gonna hit me, so I moved closer. 

I… didn’t really know what to do. He leaned in and told me that everything that happened between the four of us can stay between the four of us.

And when I stood in front of him, both of us naked and hard as fuck, I told him what was about to happen would stay between the two of us. 

I asked him what exactly was about to happen. 

I took a minute to ask myself if it was worth it. Here I was with my girlfriend’s brother in a peculiar and unprecedented sexual predicament, willing to basically lie and cheat to have her not find out I’m a lying cheater. 

I could hear Mia and Elaine outside talking faintly through the slightly-opened bedroom window. Elaine offered her a cigarette and she took it. Then I heard the flicker of the lighter. It was that quiet and we had time. I told him we were about to finish what we started.

So I kissed him. 

And I didn’t stop him. In fact, I pulled him onto the bed and made him wrap his legs around me. The longer we kissed, the deeper I fell between complete anger and complete lust. So I started getting a little rough. 

We both were getting a little rough. Biting, choking, it was intense. I started moaning a little bit feeling Lee’s dick on mine. He told me to shut the fuck up and covered my mouth. This quickly became something we didn’t want Mia, Elaine, Sam or anyone else for that matter to know. Yet, ironically, the bedroom door was wide open, and the girls were right outside. 

I went down on him. I haven’t really given another man head since college. A teammate. Doing it again felt good. Pleasing Hassan felt good, but it also felt very bad. As this lust and anger I had continued to mix I stopped and flipped him over. I didn’t want to watch him enjoying it, while at the same time I wanted him to enjoy it.

Never felt a tongue back there in my life, but… I guess there’s a first time for everything. It was extremely uncomfortable at first, but then it started to feel good. Then it started to feel really good. He slipped a finger in and I almost knocked his ass out. Told him to stop. Would’ve been too much. He just laughed. 

Pulled him off the bed and he pushed me up against the wall. Dicks rubbing again. He had one had around my neck while he jacked me off. There was just a lot of intensity between me and Hassan that night. We almost got lost in it before we both heard Mia say “I think I’m gonna go back inside.”

The only time I’ve ever gotten dressed so quickly was when I was in JROTC. Lee threw some boxer briefs and a robe on while I practically got dressed before I heard the front door close. 

Girls came upstairs and peeped Hassan sitting against the wall and me sitting on the edge of the bed, facing the window. We were far from one another. Far and silent. Mia asked if everything was okay and apologized about a thousand times to everyone. Elaine told Hassan she was ready to go get some sleep and he walked out of the room, before looking back at me one more time before disappearing. 

Again, Mia was about to apologize. I told her to let it go. She didn’t know. I honestly just wanted to get this night over with. Told her to come to bed and that despite the awkward turnout, I was very impressed with what she was willing to do to save our marriage. But I convinced her that she was enough, and we promised that we weren’t gonna bring anyone else into our bedroom. I made love to my wife and that was that.

The ride back home with me and Elaine was quiet. Of the very few words we did say to one another, we definitely agreed that this ordeal between she and I couldn’t continue. I dropped her off at her place and took the quickest route back home. After everything, I just wanted to see Sam.

Got inside and heard the shower running. She sometimes likes to wash her hair before bed. I made my way inside and called her name. She peeked out from the shower curtain and narrowed her eyes at me. I told her how sorry I was for working late again, and that another coworker of mine had an emergency…again, so I had to cover him…. again. I didn’t waste any time showing how much I missed her. Started on her in the shower, then took her back to the bedroom where I fucked her while we were both soaking wet. Then we fell asleep.

Around 3:30 in the morning I heard my phone ping. It woke me up but I checked on Sam and she was out like a baby. Good dick. I checked my phone and an unknown number messaged me. I opened it, and I saw a screenshot of a hotel reservation. Underneath that was an address. Underneath that was a message:

“Tomorrow night. 11:30. Make sure you show up. Let’s finish what we started, and don’t keep me waiting….